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About SellingStores

SellingStores was birthed from SellingRestaurants as a result of clients who asked for us to expand our business model to the retail and service sectors since our business model was so successful and helpful for buyers and sellers. SellingStores was launched in 2008. 

As a professional retail brokerage firm serving California and Washington, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality brokerage services. We do hundreds of transactions each year, so we understand the nuances of brokering retail businesses.

We close 90% of the contracts we get into because we pre-qualify the buyers before we get into contract and because our agents are trained to navigate through complex transactional issues. This is compared to an industry standard of 30%.

About The Brokers

Our restaurant brokers are second to none. They are seasoned professional business people and are often prior retail business owners. We understand the unique needs of retail Sellers. Our agents undergo extensive training to qualify as a retail brokers working for SellingStores. Each year our agents receive 100+ hours of training on topics related to brokering retail businesses such as financing, financial analysis, legal issues of brokering a retail business, lease analysis, negotiation tactics, diplomatic solutions to difficult situations, and other important aspect of closing a retail brokerage deal.

Buying a retail business is a complex transaction requiring skilled professionals to insure the transaction is completed as efficiently and quickly as possible. Buying a retail business involves elements no other industry has to face such as health department requirements, Government Alcohol Regulations, franchise requirements, landlord scrutiny, local building codes and ADA requirements. At SellingStores, we make buying a retail business as easy as possible with contracts and forms specifically tailored for reail business. Although we don't typically represent retail buyers, we certainly have all the tools necessary to help retail buyers through a complex transaction.

Give one of our retail brokers a call to discover what makes us so different from everyone else.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear... to provide the highest quality retail brokerage services in the industry, becoming the force in broking retail businesses by using our synergies created by our innovative business model whereby no one can compete with our results and services.

Our objective is simple... to make the buying and selling experience as simple and informative as possible, and as pain-free as possible for our Sellers and the Buyers.

Our vision is big... to build a rerail brokerage firm spanning not only in the United States but internationally too, where honesty and integrity are the pillars of our success, relationships and responsiveness to our customers are the foundation of our business, and respect and honor of our team members is the cornerstone of our firm.

Give one of our retail brokers a call to discover what makes us so different from everyone else.

Thank you

Mel Jones

President & CEO



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